TurtleScripts API

Welcome to the new TurtleScripts API. This section is ALPHA.

Grab Project Info

getProject allows you to get information for any public project. This information includes: Title, Description, Author, Timestamps, Requirements, File Info and much more!

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Grab File Info

getFile allows you to get information (including the script data) for any public file.

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Grab RAW Script

getFile allows you to get script contents (the code) for any public file. No JSON formatting is outputted for this method.

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Simple to use and easy to connect to. Every function is a URL off of the base url http://api.turtlescripts.com/

Returns JSON

JSON (JavaScript Object Notation) is a very easy to parse and widely used system that is much easier to deal with than XML.

It's Thoughtful

Only public projects can be accessed via the Public API, so don't worry about your masterpiece leaking!